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    My last lolita outfit:
    Skirt : handmade (not by me)
    Shirt: Lady Sloth
    Vest: taobao (can’t remember the shop)
    Bag: second hand
    Tights: TejaJamilla (Etsy)
    Shoes: Shelly’s
    Rings: Asos, Evans
    Necklace: Sammydress
    Headband: H&M

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  5. What I look for in a girl



    • Compound armor
    • Two 30mm XGAU-8R rotary cannons
    • AGM-114P anti-tank missiles
    • Free-electron variant of the Mobile Tactical High-Energy Laser
    • Magnetic rail gun capable of launching an untraceable nuclear warhead….

    Yet another unrealistic expectation for women…

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  9. pdlcomics:

Good With People


    Good With People

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    literally the government. 

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    Toruru’s Adventure - Crazy Consumption

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    Animals in Halloween costumes!!!

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One Piece:


    One Piece:


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  29. little-owl-adventures:


    Since Halloween is around the corner Imma repost my backgrounds I made last year! uwu feel free to use them~

    E helped me download the pink one so I can use it to make my blog Halloweeny.  Thank you, Desiree and E!

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